Saturday, February 13, 2010

The first paper is coming up

and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone can do!

A few of reminders:

1) Don't forget to write about a TEXT.  You can write about more than one if you like, but if you do, make sure your focus is narrow.  If your thesis does not make an argument about a text, the paper will not pass.  If you have any concerns, e-mail me.  I'd be happy to chat with you either face-to-face or online to help you refine your thesis.

2) Use Writing about Literature to help you.  The essay on "The Yellow Wall-paper" and "The Storm" provides an excellent model.  It makes a clear, narrowly focused argument and it supports that argument with quotations and other textual evidence.  Remember, writing a literary essay is a lot like being a lawyer: you need to make a case.

3) Don't forget to cite your sources.  Your Bedford Handbook gives detailed information on how to cite sources, as do many online sources, such as the OWL at Perdue.  If you've looked at the Bedford and you're still confused, e-mail me.

Write on, my friends.

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